Choosing the best flooring for your space is a dauting decision, especially in this era, due to the fast emerging of innovative flooring products. We should choose from a wide range of materials, colors & specifications. The specs and pricing make us more confusion to take a decision in the case of flooring.

Nowadays, the most frequently asked question on flooring is the difference between SPC and LVT flooring. Before getting into the difference, we can just start with the similarity of SPC  and LVT flooring.

As like differences, there is similarities between SPC and LVT flooring. Both of these flooring are waterproof and high resistant to oil/grease. They can be easily installed by just clicks over any of the existing flooring without any glue or extra adhesives. This is one of the most highlight part of these flooring products. The flooring long with its matching skirting and other accessories make your floor more elegant & give you a perfect finish look.  Both SPC and LVT will imitate the real wood flooring, by keeping the floor more durable, anti-bacterial & water resistant. Actually, it is very difficult to point out which is SPC and which is LVT, once it is installed on the floor.

The Difference between SPC and LVT flooring

LVT Flooring  (Luxury Vinyl Tiles)

  • LVT is comparatively less thicker than SPC, which make it less durable than SPC.
  • Fluctuations in temperature can cause some expansion or contractions to the LVT flooring.
  • This product have  80% recyclable content.
  • LVT is quite than SPC. It makes only less sound on walking.
  • Indentation will occurs to LVT flooring.

SPC Flooring  (Stone Plastic Comp.)

  • SPC will be a thicker plank due to the several layers it consists of. This makes it last longer than LVT.
  • In the case of SPC this temperature fluctuations will not cause contractions.
  • SPC is 100% recyclable.
  • The rigid core of SPC make little more sound than LVT, but it is manageable with perfect underlay.
  •  When it comes to SPC, due to its hard core, it will not allow any indentation.

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