Wooden blinds feature a number of horizontal slats that are linked together by a cord pulley system. Wooden blinds can also be arranged in various positions, depending on the amount of privacy and natural light you require.

For a more natural look in the space, timber blinds feature warm colors and pair well with curtains that have the same attributes.

What are Wood Venetian blinds?

Wooden Venetian blinds are the natural choice for those who like to mix a bit of elegance with timelessness while giving a modern or classic feel to any room. The material for our range of wood Venetian blinds is sourced from Europe and the choice of available colors is truly staggering. The most popular color remains white & mahogany, but there are all wooden shades to be found as well as black for those who are looking for a contemporary feel to their villa or apartment.

All our wooden Venetian blinds are custom-made from scratch, so sizes are not a problem. However, due to the weight of the materials, it is not advisable to use them in windows taller than 4m.

why use  Wooden Venetian Blinds?

Wooden slats are strong and robust, making them less likely to sustain accidental damage or to change their shape over the years. Other thinner materials for Venetian blinds could potentially kink and bend if handled roughly or banged. This is not the case with wooden blinds as they are very resistant to damage.

The Benefits of Wood Venetian Blinds

Before I proceed, our bestselling Blind’s at present are Wooden Venetian Blinds, massing well over 70% of our sales! So they are REALLY popular!

Let’s have a look as to why these blinds are so popular.

Wooden Venetian Blinds are seen as the ultimate stylish window treatment which provides a sophisticated silhouette with unrivaled functionality.

These Blinds prove very effective in sitting rooms, where people can reap the full benefits of a clever, classic design. So if you are on the lookout for new blinds for your sitting rooms or for that matter any other rooms in your home, these are the perfect solution.

If one word could describe Wooden Venetian Blinds, it would be functional. Why? They offer a high degree of rotation that ensures precise light control along with privacy. Due to the natural strength and durability of wood, it means that these blinds will stand the test of time, and thus making them a very cost-effective solution. Wooden blinds are a truly beautiful window dressing to have in your home. Wood brings a natural distinct beauty through its warmth and texture.

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