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The window plays a vital role in your interior if you are fed up with the old look of your home, change your window coverings according to your latest trends. Now a days, there are a lot of varieties in window treatments to choose from normal blackout/sheer curtains to shades & blinds. Let’s hire the professional team to measure your windows perfectly & design your windows as the best.

blinds / shades

These blinds are made from specially woven fabrics based on the perfect taken measurements. The fabrics can act as a filter to screen the sunlight to your space or sometimes completely block the sunlight entering. The fully blackout / block-out blinds are mainly used in bedrooms. and the sunscreen blinds are used in living area / offices for reducing the intense sunlight. Installing such shades also helps us to save energy & protect your costly furniture & floors. There will be rope or chain which is used to pull the blind up and down, based on your requirement. They are in different variety types like roller, zebra, vertical, roman blinds, which can be select matching to your interior & usuage.

motorized roller blinds

Minimalistic fabric curtains

Fabric curtains are older kind of window treatments, but it change its designs based on the latest trends. They are in different styles like eyelet curtains, pinch pleat curtains, pencil pleat curtains, motorized curtains etc. and it is also differ in length like half, upto skirting level, kiss the floor type and floating on the floor. Based on the interior and your wish the curtain style can be decided. Today people opt for light weight weaves, neutral colors & simple stitching styles for curtains.

roller blinds

Motorized Blinds and curtains

The world is moving fast. People are so busy and always prefer easiness in every job. The exponential growth in technology also effect in the world of window treatments too. You can control the window blinds using the remote, mobile phone, tablet etc. with your fingertip. These home automation technology help you to control the window treatments from anywhere using your tablet or smart phone.

Blackout curtains

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