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Hang Curtains! They make a room seen finished!

Why Window Covering?

Window Covering have an important role in interior design. A room is not fully finished without window coverings. From baggy smooth curtains to roller and roman shades, the fabrics and styles reflect the fashion of any space. Window coverings not only give light control, privacy, it also have the ability to transform the mood of the room. From baggy smooth curtains to roller shades, the fabrics & styles reflects the fashion of any space.  It makes the room feel completed.

When it comes to window treatments for a space, the possibilities are endless. You can choose from heavy drapery curtains to simple soft shear curtains.

Let’s have a look on some trends of curtains in 2020.

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Curtains are the less expensive and easiest way of transforming a room. Sheer curtains are one of the most familiar type of curtains in this era. If you have lit bit of expectation from your window treatments, then sheer curtains are the best in choice. It can give you limited privacy, great looks and natural light to in while protecting against insects and dusts. Sheer curtains also offers a light breezy feel to your interior. This also helps in brighten up a darker room. Then coming to sheer varieties; they are in different colors and styles – mostly made by polyester so that it is less expensive than any other type of curtains.


  • Single Layered Curtains

As the name indicates, it will be a single layered, semi-impermeable to light curtains. Simply we can say that something between sheer and blackout curtains. The fabrics of the curtains have a vital role in the look of curtains as wells as the room. You can choose from wide variety of fabrics like satin, organza, polyester etc. which is plain long drapery, printed, jacquard based on your likes. But while selecting consider the two factors; How much light you need to in and the mood of the room that you are creating. For example, light weight cotton or sheer fabrics is used in room which have minimalist design and heavy fabrics will be best choice for classic or traditional interiors.

  • Multi-Layered Curtains

Just contrast to the above mentioned curtains or drapery. This have more than one layers; which can be sheer over solid fabrics, solid over sheer fabrics, sheer over sheer fabrics, alternating or ready-made overlay.

Solid over sheer curtains are the most common type of curtain layering. This leave the room for variation. While sheer over solid fabric give you a soft touch to your interior. Then comes the alternating layering, As the name indicates it is like alternating layers of solid and sheer fabrics in a curtain. This will give you a stunning look & feel to your room if you use varying degrees of opacity in fabrics.  Next the sheer over sheer, which is used when you want to add more softness and smoothness to your windows. The use of different tone sheer fabrics, it will leaves best style and styles to your window treatment. This styling of curtains will be a great addon for the minimalist interior. And finally the ready-made overlay curtains. This is the sheer & solid fabrics tailored together to reduce the hassle of multiple rods and layers, leaving the same effect of sheer over solid layered curtains.

3. Dominance of Minimalism in Window Treatment 

Now the interior design is dominating by minimalism. Most of the people enjoy the beauty of minimalism today and using in their homes and offices. People and mentality are changed now a days. The genuine home lovers have their own choices and prefer comfort over show-offs.

So, if you have the same taste go for minimal window treatments like the below;

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