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Many people have the confusion that, the blinds and curtains will work together. The answer for this is ‘YES’. We can pair blinds and curtains to ensure adequate blocking of light & privacy control, to get a flexible window treatment, adding more elegance to your interior etc. But you should have a correct plan on how to combine it. Otherwise, it will badly effect your interior.

Style Guidelines For Combining Blinds & Curtains

1] Choosing the type of Blind

The first step that you should take on pairing blinds and drapes are deciding on the type of blinds that you want. If you are looking for a complete block of light and a standard look, then Roller and Venetian Blinds are best. And if you are looking for fancy and cozy feel, go with Roman Blinds.

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2 Material of the Blinds & Curtains

The next most important thing that you need to pay more attention is the fabric and color if the blinds and curtains. Also check whether how these combination will give you a solid light function and some time you need to filter some natural light, use sheer drapes over it. This will give you a modern simple look and feel to you room.

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3 How to pair the prints!

Some of them like plain simple ones, others like textured ones, and some others like printed designs. While doing window dressing you may love to use the best-looking printed fabrics. But when doing a combination of blinds and curtains, remember don’t use print on both. It will make your interior so congested and affect you badly. If your room is small, don’t ever use this! The design rule or guidelines for this print pairing, use print on anyone, either blinds or curtains. The ideal combination is combining plain/single-color blinds with printed / designer drapes on the sides. The combination will go beyond your expectation! You can try different colors and pattern combinations on them to see the different flavor it gives to your room. So keep in mind the feel that you expect from this window treatment to the room. Like you need cozy or fancy!

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4 Do they change the perception of windows?

Of course, this combination can change the perception of the size of windows easily. For example, if your space is small and short in height, this deadly combo can mock a larger space. Arrange the blind a little wider and set it a few inches above the window frame. This will give you the feeling of a wider window. Next, fix the drapes just below the ceiling and a few inches beyond the window. This arrangement of drapes changes the height perception of the window, by leaving a taller feel to the space. So together they will make the room look more spacious.

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5 Check you got the feeling you need

Whatever the decor you do, how much amount you spend the final thing is, did you get the feel, you expected from these arrangements. For example, if you are doing for the bedroom and your ultimate aim is to make a cozy feeling, keep this point in mind during the arrangements. For bedroom select either blind’s fabric or drapes be blackout, and make the fullness by arranging like the drapes covering the blinds.

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6 Hardware selection for Curtains & Blinds

Think you have done all the above-mentioned guidelines and finally put highly contrast or shining curtains like bright gold or silver, it will be too much!. Avoid these types of shiny rods or hardware accessories to your elegant window covering combo & try to use a matte finish to make it more stylish.

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So window dressing has the power to make and break a room. Think of the feel you want from the space and design your window for it. If you need any guidance or like to have a free estimation for your windows, contact us now!

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