SPC Flooring With Foam

SPC Flooring without Foam


  • SPC flooring is actually a form of vinyl
  • SPC means Stone Plastic Composite, and the name has to do with the composition of the core.
  • Simply put, flooring this class has a rigid core, which makes it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas in your home.
  • SPC is similar to luxury vinyl flooring in how it’s constructed, but there are a few important differences that you’ll need to know about before you can comprehensively compare SPC brands.
  • Here are the layers typically found in SPC flooring from top to bottom.

UV Topcoat –

  • UV rays can cause significant issues with natural hardwood flooring, but it’s also not ideal for surfaces like linoleum or SPC boards.
  • Planks in the premium class typically come with some extra protection in the form of a UV topcoat, which helps combat discoloration from the sun.

Wear Layer –

  • While you may not find UV protection on every brand of SPC flooring, all boards or tiles will have a wear layer.
  • This is the most important layer in terms of protection, and a good thick wear layer can keep your flooring looking like new years after it’s been installed.

Image Layer –

  • SPC flooring may have a unique core, but it’s still has a vinyl image layer.
  • This gives your flooring the appearance of wood or stone, and more expensive brands tend to have more realistic products.
  • In some cases, the design or image layer is directly applied to our next option.

The Core –

  • This is what makes SPC flooring unique, and provides extra stability underfoot.
  • The core of SPC flooring is made from a mixture of limestone and stabilizers, which increases its rigidity.
  • These dense boards can withstand impacts that would dent regular LVP, which makes them the perfect choice for areas in your home with heavy traffic or even in commercial settings.

Backing Layer –

  • On the bottom of each board is a backing layer.
  • It’s usually made from cork, although foam is still a popular choice in the budget-friendly range.
  • A thick, high-quality backing layer can increase the price, but can also provide more comfort and insulation.

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